Warby Reese Wearing

You voted and I listened.  My new glasses are the Warby Parker Reese, the winner of my online poll.  They cost $125, which is more than Warby’s baseline price of $95. That’s because I paid extra to have my super strong prescription coke-bottle lenses ground thinner.  But I still saved money because that price is almost $200 less than the cost of the funky red frames from SEE that came in second.  I do love that rockin’ red color though, so those glasses may end up on my holiday wishlist!

I also got an email with a clip from Warby Parker’s new ad campaign.  This time though, no home run.  Why are all the people in the video white?  When I visited the company’s Soho store, I brought my friend who is multi-ethnic and also owns a couple of Warby Parker frames.  And the clientele shopping at the store was diverse.  Yet the ad doesn’t reflect that.  Warby Parker touts itself as a progressive company which donates glasses to those in need.  Yet the latest Cheerios ad is more forward thinking.  What gives, Warby?





Don’t know quite what to make of this Alexander Wang video.  You might have seen or been invited to his “undisclosed event” last month.  He gave fans items from his Fall 2013 collection for free.  Sounds like fun until you watch the video and see people fighting like animals over his clothes.  Is this supposed to be ironic?  Is it art?  A sad commentary on consumerism?  All of these things?  All I can say is it sure got my attention.