PhillipLimTargetThe advance press on 3.1 Phillip Lim’s collection for Target left me too scared to try scoop anything up at an actual store. So I planned to set my alarm and shop online. But shamefully I forgot to do that! What kind of fashion blogger am I? Well a busy mom of course, with so much going on I couldn’t keep everything straight. So I woke up this morning, remembered what an important day this was, and felt aghast! I ran to my computer at 9:30am and thankfully the fashion gods were smiling on me, even though I don’t deserve their mercy. I was able to buy the floral shirt dress and the Boom sweater dress, two of my prime picks. Yes, sadly I lost out on the mini-satchel with gusset. But I’m still excited and thankful about my purchases. I’ll let you know what I think of them once the dresses arrive and I get to try them on.


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Did that get your attention? Thought it might. I was thinking of what headline to write for this post. Might as well get right to the point. I bought this Ali Ro dress for just $39 at Second Time Around. I don’t remember what percent it was marked down. All I know is I get crazy compliments on this dress whenever I wear it. And STA’s Labor Day madness sale with 70% off their summer clearance is still going on. I’m really going to have to steel myself from going over there and scooping more stuff up. But you head on down!