CupcakesNever be afraid to ask for a sale price.  Never.  Be bold, speak up for the bargain rate, and guess what, you’ll usually get it.


Case in point:  Eleni’s.  I love their cupcakes.  They taste great, they’re nut-free, but they’re not cheap.  I saw a surprisingly low price listed online for the Valentine’s Day cupcakes, so I called to order a dozen.  But my receipt showed I was charged $12 more that the price on the website.  I called and was given a $12 refund, even though the customer service rep told me the price online was incorrect (it’s still up on the site by the way).  Score!


Then there’s my favorite clothing brand for boys – Tea.  Their prices are on the higher side though, so I always watch for sales.  But when I recently tried to buy some sweaters from their winter clearance, my online order didn’t go through due to poor wifi.  I didn’t take the loss lying down though.  I called the next day and the salesperson kindly gave me the lower prices, even though the sale was over (and yes they do follow ethical work practices).

So ask, just be nice when you do it.  People are more likely to give you a deal when they’re treated with respect.  Happy Valentine’s Day!














It’s hard to find cool clothes for little boys.  But you can’t let girls have all the fun!  I’ve looked far and wide, and the first place I go to for nice clothing for boys is Tea.  Their stuff isn’t inexpensive, but luckily Haute Look is having a sale right now!  Go scoop up some grooviness for your little one.


I’ve loved J.Crew for a long time, waaaaaaay before Michelle Obama made it popular.  This is one brand in which the sizes run big, so I can still wear a size 6!  If you can brave the bad weather, check out the J.Crew sample sale at 260 Fifth Avenue between 28th and 29th Streets.  It runs through Sunday, so if you can’t get there today, there are still more opportunities to score deals on their stylish, fun clothes.  Hours are Tues.-Sat. 10am to 8pm, and Sun. 12pm-6pm, with markdowns on clothes for women, men and kids.


is the name of my favorite children’s secondhand clothing store.  If you read this blog, you know Fashionmomix is a big fan of used clothing for kids.  I always find great things at Once Upon A Child.  I like the Wilmington, Delaware location best, but I haven’t been able to go there in a while.  Which just means more good stuff left for you!




It’s hard to find interesting boys’ clothes. My personal favorite brands are Mini Boden, Tea (which is actually having a sale now), and Hanna Andersson (more sales there too!), none of which are inexpensive. My friend the Groovy Godmother knows what I like, AND she knows how to save. She bought all these name brand kids’ clothes from eBay for $15 a piece or less – many cost under $5! They’re all in great condition, and since kids mess up their clothes and outgrow them in months, why not buy used? After all, the motto of this fashion blog is there’s no shame in saving money!