Warby Reese Wearing

You voted and I listened.  My new glasses are the Warby Parker Reese, the winner of my online poll.  They cost $125, which is more than Warby’s baseline price of $95. That’s because I paid extra to have my super strong prescription coke-bottle lenses ground thinner.  But I still saved money because that price is almost $200 less than the cost of the funky red frames from SEE that came in second.  I do love that rockin’ red color though, so those glasses may end up on my holiday wishlist!

I also got an email with a clip from Warby Parker’s new ad campaign.  This time though, no home run.  Why are all the people in the video white?  When I visited the company’s Soho store, I brought my friend who is multi-ethnic and also owns a couple of Warby Parker frames.  And the clientele shopping at the store was diverse.  Yet the ad doesn’t reflect that.  Warby Parker touts itself as a progressive company which donates glasses to those in need.  Yet the latest Cheerios ad is more forward thinking.  What gives, Warby?