Well sort of. I follow Consumer Reports’ Tod Marks advice on checking the unit prices on products religiously. Case in point, check out the prices on these two bottles of Cerave lotion.


I like beauty products like Cerave because there is no fragrance added that could potentially irritate my sensitive skin. Now you would think you’d save money if you bought a bigger bottle. But look closely at the unit prices.


The smaller 8 ounce bottle actually costs less because it’s priced at $1.37 an ounce, while the 12 ounce bigger bottle is $1.50 an ounce and costs more! Now this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy Cerave – I still do. What it does mean is that you should always check the unit prices, and bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Naughty & Nice

Sometimes I blog for others, and sometimes I produce videos for others.  When you’re shopping this holiday season, don’t get caught buying from a company which doesn’t have a consumer-friendly policy.  Here’s a video with a “Naughty & Nice” list to choose from.  I made this with the help of Consumer Reports’ Tod Marks and a couple of elves.