This was my mood.











I had carefully planned out Halloween.  I had ordered my child’s costume, candy and decorations.  All I had to do was sit back, relax and enjoy the month’s spooky festivities.  THEN my dear husband took our child to a Halloween-themed birthday party.  Our child wore his costume.  My family returned home from the party, along with the costume, except for the hat that went with the outfit.  It was LOST.  There was no way to buy a new one.  The stores were all sold out now.  This was the discussion that ensued with my husband.







I had to leave before further destruction ensued.  So I flew off on a shopping-rage rampage (shopping rage will be the subject of a future blog post).  Fortunately I didn’t do too much damage to my bank balance, AND I began to calm down.  AND I began to realize that my husband – dad – does things differently and that I shouldn’t hate him for it.  While dad may not plan things out as carefully as mom does, that doesn’t mean he can’t roll with the punches and get things done.   Sure enough, when I returned home, my husband had found a new hat that was even better than the one that came with the costume.  Now I’m not a hater, I’m happy.  But I AM going to hide when my husband tries to explain to our child why his Halloween costume has a new hat.