Taylor InstagramI was on my annual search for spring playground sneakers.  The idea every year is to find something attractive but inexpensive.  That way I’m not upset when the shoes are trashed by the end of summer after weeks of tromping through the mud.  I’ve found my pair for this season, thanks to Taylor Swift!  I was in TJ Maxx, buying minion pyjamas (no not for me), when I came across these Taylor Swift Keds for $29.99.  Maybe Taylor didn’t intend to make mom shoes, but I sure hope these do the trick when I try them out tomorrow.  I think these are last season’s Keds.  But if you don’t want to be passé like moi, I do like this year’s Keds by Kate Spade.  However, they cost three times as much, so check out your Fashionmomix economics budget first.