ThriftDo you think ‘fashion’ when you see this sign?  Most people don’t, but I do.  For those who weren’t convinced by my previous post that secondhand can be chic, I present my case:

LondonFogExhibit #1:  I found a London Fog coat for less than $25 – take that Neil Patrick Harris!


AKExhibit #2:  Bandolino and Anne Klein shoes for less than $5 each…



And Exhibit #3:  children’s shirts by major labels like Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger for less than $2 apiece.  These clothes were actually half off the price listed on the tag.  Plus I purchased all these items at Red, White and Blue, a thrift store chain that raises money for Vietnam veterans.  So you can be fashionable; charitable; save money;  and help protect the earth by recycling clothing ALL at the same time!  Now if only Neil Patrick Harris would wear a secondhand suit while hosting the Oscars, that would be really cool!



















Okay so here I am better late than never with my picks for best-dressed at the Oscars.  And I’m really glad I waited because I saw Jennifer Lawrence in her Vanity Fair after-party dress.  NOT a fan of the Christian Dior she wore to the ceremony.  It was if the dress were wearing HER!   And if you can’t walk in your gown without tripping, you can’t be best-dressed right?  I like the after-party dress she wore much better.  Here it is again in all its metallic glory…


Girl’s gotta match her statuette right?










Other ladies in shiny frocks that I put on my best-dressed list include Halle Berry…












And Naomi Watts.


At first I wasn’t sure about her gown, but not enough actresses take chances with their Oscar attire.  Applause for that!









And some of the older actresses like Jane Fonda and Sally Field looked beautiful in bold colors.


85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals









But my best-dressed pick is a controversial choice.  I think she was completely overlooked because she’s NOT a big name star.  It’s Olivia Munn in Marchesa.  I love metallics, bold color, AND Marchesa and this gown has it all wrapped up in one.  I think she looked fabulous.  You be the judge!












Sorry to have been gone so long Fashionmomix readers.  I was caught up in a special project, and I broke my foot, but NOW I’M BACK.












First bit of advice for the New Year.  Tonight is Oscar Night.  Remember what’s important:  it’s ALL about the clothes.  Maybe Oscar doesn’t have to wear anything, but these actresses do, and they ought to be well-dressed!  I will watching and taking notes.