I finally had a chance to visit the Met’s “Punk:  Chaos To Couture” show.  I knew about the bad reviews and had heard from disappointed friends who’d seen the exhibit.  So I was prepared to be underwhelmed.MetChanel

But I actually really enjoyed the show.













Any chance to look at interesting, beautiful clothes is fun for me.

Gareth Pugh’s garbage bag dresses were some of my favorites.


But my sentimental choice for best look was Stephen Sprouse’s red outfit.  I remember seeing him hanging out in the East Village before he died.MetStephenSprouse

You’re not allowed to take pictures, not even of the gift shop paraphernalia.  Hence my using other people’s images.  And I guess the fact that I didn’t try to take any photos on my own shows I’m not a punk anymore.  But I still left with The Damned’s “New Rose” in my head.MetTshirts