PhillipLimtopA while back I answered part 1 of my “last season” cliffhanger about 3.1 Phillip Lim‘s collection for Target.  Here’s part 2, and it has a happy ending!  This is the dress I ordered from his collection for $49.99.  It took me so long to take it out for a spin because it’s also been a cliffhanger as to when spring is finally going to get here.  I’ve finally been able to wear this dress, and it’s garnered raves wherever I go.  I went to an event where I knew NO ONE, and EVERYONE came up to me with compliments on my outfit and asked where I got it.  One drawback:  I don’t think the dress fits me so well.  But do you know the old saying, “You wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you”?  This is one case in which I don’t mind that my outfit is wearing me.  Go ahead!


Okay here’s the answer to Part One of last season’s cliffhanger, “3.1 Phillip Lim + Target = Fashion”? It’s a mystery not even Sherlock could solve. And as you can see from my expression above, I was none too pleased with this frumpy sweater dress. So I did a little surgery.

And with the offending item gone, I now have an awesome sweater I get tons of compliments on!





PilottoSorry it’s been ages since I posted.  I’ve kind of been like the “Sherlock” series, leaving you with a cliffhanger about whether my 3.1 Phillip Lim purchases from Target worked out, and only reappearing after a long absence.  I’m back from working on my other projects, will post soon about what happened with Phillip Lim, and can report that it’s pretty easy to order items online today from the Peter Pilotto collection for Target.  Not sure how all that polyester will work out for spring, and whether those crazy patterns are figure flattering.  But I’ll put everything under the microscope and be back with my findings to these mysteries very soon!


PhillipLimTargetThe advance press on 3.1 Phillip Lim’s collection for Target left me too scared to try scoop anything up at an actual store. So I planned to set my alarm and shop online. But shamefully I forgot to do that! What kind of fashion blogger am I? Well a busy mom of course, with so much going on I couldn’t keep everything straight. So I woke up this morning, remembered what an important day this was, and felt aghast! I ran to my computer at 9:30am and thankfully the fashion gods were smiling on me, even though I don’t deserve their mercy. I was able to buy the floral shirt dress and the Boom sweater dress, two of my prime picks. Yes, sadly I lost out on the mini-satchel with gusset. But I’m still excited and thankful about my purchases. I’ll let you know what I think of them once the dresses arrive and I get to try them on.


Kirna Zabete for Target works for both the office and the playground. That’s my report after receiving and trying on my order. The dress I have on is good for office Fridays, and because of the pattern it’s fine for the playground too. If your child wipes their snotty nose on your outfit, the busyness of the dress’ pattern should camouflage the mucus (yes this has happened to me). My one caveat: the dress runs big and I really should have ordered a smaller size. Such are the hazards of ordering online and not being able to try on stuff beforehand.

As for this blouse:

I think it’ll work for the office as well. The material looks see through to me, but when I try it on, that appears NOT to be the case. I hope so, as I plan on wearing it to work next week.