CupcakesNever be afraid to ask for a sale price.  Never.  Be bold, speak up for the bargain rate, and guess what, you’ll usually get it.


Case in point:  Eleni’s.  I love their cupcakes.  They taste great, they’re nut-free, but they’re not cheap.  I saw a surprisingly low price listed online for the Valentine’s Day cupcakes, so I called to order a dozen.  But my receipt showed I was charged $12 more that the price on the website.  I called and was given a $12 refund, even though the customer service rep told me the price online was incorrect (it’s still up on the site by the way).  Score!


Then there’s my favorite clothing brand for boys – Tea.  Their prices are on the higher side though, so I always watch for sales.  But when I recently tried to buy some sweaters from their winter clearance, my online order didn’t go through due to poor wifi.  I didn’t take the loss lying down though.  I called the next day and the salesperson kindly gave me the lower prices, even though the sale was over (and yes they do follow ethical work practices).

So ask, just be nice when you do it.  People are more likely to give you a deal when they’re treated with respect.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


Go Red For Women


I haven’t been able to post as much as I’d like so far this year.  But I’ve been busy supporting important causes.  Here I am in my Costume National dress, a bargain I found on Gilt, to support #NationalWearRedDay.  This is my #GoRedSelfie to join @GoRedForWomen in the fight against #heartdisease !  


ThriftDo you think ‘fashion’ when you see this sign?  Most people don’t, but I do.  For those who weren’t convinced by my previous post that secondhand can be chic, I present my case:

LondonFogExhibit #1:  I found a London Fog coat for less than $25 – take that Neil Patrick Harris!


AKExhibit #2:  Bandolino and Anne Klein shoes for less than $5 each…



And Exhibit #3:  children’s shirts by major labels like Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger for less than $2 apiece.  These clothes were actually half off the price listed on the tag.  Plus I purchased all these items at Red, White and Blue, a thrift store chain that raises money for Vietnam veterans.  So you can be fashionable; charitable; save money;  and help protect the earth by recycling clothing ALL at the same time!  Now if only Neil Patrick Harris would wear a secondhand suit while hosting the Oscars, that would be really cool!








This week has been busy with work, parenting, and of course, Johnny Weir watching.  Seeing what he would wear each day was the most important part of the Olympics for me.  Who else could strike a pose in front of a Volvo truck with such panache?  Or offer insight on skaters’ performances while peppering his comments with witticisms like “it wouldn’t be ice-dancing without Liza Minelli”?  Here are my top picks for his fashion choices:


He’s totally rocking the Chanel brooch in the top photo,  and I love how he coordinated his hairband with Tara Lipinski’s fascinator.johnnyweirhairband1

And I dare you to find anyone who looks more stylish in a hair braid:



Pink is fierce for a sports commentator.  That’s all I’ll say.johnnyweirpink


I love all that glitters.  This outfit made my day.  Go Johnny!



PhillipLimTargetThe advance press on 3.1 Phillip Lim’s collection for Target left me too scared to try scoop anything up at an actual store. So I planned to set my alarm and shop online. But shamefully I forgot to do that! What kind of fashion blogger am I? Well a busy mom of course, with so much going on I couldn’t keep everything straight. So I woke up this morning, remembered what an important day this was, and felt aghast! I ran to my computer at 9:30am and thankfully the fashion gods were smiling on me, even though I don’t deserve their mercy. I was able to buy the floral shirt dress and the Boom sweater dress, two of my prime picks. Yes, sadly I lost out on the mini-satchel with gusset. But I’m still excited and thankful about my purchases. I’ll let you know what I think of them once the dresses arrive and I get to try them on.


Ali Ro Instagram

Did that get your attention? Thought it might. I was thinking of what headline to write for this post. Might as well get right to the point. I bought this Ali Ro dress for just $39 at Second Time Around. I don’t remember what percent it was marked down. All I know is I get crazy compliments on this dress whenever I wear it. And STA’s Labor Day madness sale with 70% off their summer clearance is still going on. I’m really going to have to steel myself from going over there and scooping more stuff up. But you head on down!