Vera Bradley is not the hippest brand. I don’t know how much you would have to pay Kim Kardashian to carry a Vera Bradley bag. In fact, I don’t know that you could come up with any sum of money that would make Kim Kardashian carry a Vera Bradley bag.

I first realized how uncool Vera Bradley bags are after I bought one secondhand at Housing Works, in keeping with the Fashionmomix philosophy of saving money and recycling goods. I was very happy with the bag; it was inexpensive and the quilting made it comfortable. Then I wore it around a goth friend of mine. “OH, that’s a Vera Bradley bag,” she said. Her tone and demeanor made it clear;  I had committed a major fashion faux pas.

So once that bag fell apart, I forgot about Vera B. Flash forward to this summer. I was looking for a summer handbag, and nothing was the right fit. All the expensive leather bags I coveted were way above my budget. Plus they were heavy and uncomfortable for the summer heat. I kept coming back to Vera. Her bags are soft, light, and colorful, just what I wanted in a summer purse. I decided to stop being a fashion snob and buy two! After all, you’re not cool if you’re worried about being cool, AND if you’re not true to yourself. So I learned to embrace my inner Vera Bradley. Perhaps you can too someday.