As you know from my previous post, I’m not a Black Friday Shopper.  I prefer to be home with friends and family over Thanksgiving.  But for Cyber Monday, would I encourage you to take time out from your job to shop online?  I don’t want to seem like I’m advocating that people not put in a hard day’s work.  BUT if you must shop, Racked has got a great list of places with deals.  Check it out here, just don’t say I sent you.










I love shopping, and I love deals, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write this blog.  And I do buy a lot of holiday gifts Thanksgiving weekend.  BUT I don’t believe in shopping on Thanksgiving.   That’s a day to be thankful for what you have, and to be with family and friends.  I don’t want other people to have to work on Thanksgiving just so I can save on some holiday gifts.  So I don’t have shopping advice for Thanksgiving Day.  Instead, I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday together.


Naughty & Nice

Sometimes I blog for others, and sometimes I produce videos for others.  When you’re shopping this holiday season, don’t get caught buying from a company which doesn’t have a consumer-friendly policy.  Here’s a video with a “Naughty & Nice” list to choose from.  I made this with the help of Consumer Reports’ Tod Marks and a couple of elves.









I need a smile today and leave it to Marc Jacobs to make that happen.  You’ve probably already seen the ads for his cute Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone cases.  I just can’t stop looking at them and had to post some pix.








At $48 each, they make for a nice holiday gift.  Of course, I can’t use one of these on my iPhone since I need an industrial-strength, Fort Knox-type encasement to protect mine from my child.  But I’m hoping for an iPad for Christmas and Marc makes iPad cases too!