Fashionmomix LOVES Jenna Lyons’ style.  But most of us don’t have her paycheck for purchasing clothes, and J.Crew isn’t the most inexpensive place to shop.  So Fashionmomix got street smart and found a way to get a little low cost Jenna stylin’.  Look at these two necklaces:

J. Crew Necklace

Necklace Street









The one on the left is J.Crew’s, which originally cost $88.  The other one I bought on the street for $10!  The vendor is at 68th Street and Lexington Avenue, near Hunter College, if you want to check out his jewelry.

Now some would criticize Fashionmomix for buying “rip off” street fashion.  But I would never spend $88 on a necklace anyway.  I’d rather put it in my child’s college fund or my 401K.  So J. Crew isn’t losing a purchase that I would never make anyway.  AND I still encourage you to shop at J.Crew’s factory site, which has lots of cool stuff on sale.


I’ve loved J.Crew for a long time, waaaaaaay before Michelle Obama made it popular.  This is one brand in which the sizes run big, so I can still wear a size 6!  If you can brave the bad weather, check out the J.Crew sample sale at 260 Fifth Avenue between 28th and 29th Streets.  It runs through Sunday, so if you can’t get there today, there are still more opportunities to score deals on their stylish, fun clothes.  Hours are Tues.-Sat. 10am to 8pm, and Sun. 12pm-6pm, with markdowns on clothes for women, men and kids.