Theory coatThe best time for bargains is almost always an end-of-season sale.  Take January and February, when winter stuff is usually marked waaaaaaaaaaaaay down even though you still have plenty of time in the season to wear it.  I just bought this Theory coat for 20 dollars at Housing Works!  And with the Siberian winter we’re having, I actually haven’t had many opportunities to wear it.  So I’m saving this for March.  Sure the wine color is rather wintery, but it stands out nicely amidst the mostly black and grey apparel I see on the Manhattan streets.              



Don’t know quite what to make of this Alexander Wang video.  You might have seen or been invited to his “undisclosed event” last month.  He gave fans items from his Fall 2013 collection for free.  Sounds like fun until you watch the video and see people fighting like animals over his clothes.  Is this supposed to be ironic?  Is it art?  A sad commentary on consumerism?  All of these things?  All I can say is it sure got my attention.


Rachel Roy

Bought these sparkly Rachel Roy flats to perk up my winter outfits.  They were just $15 on clearance from Housing Works!  Their big sale is going on through this evening, so there’s still time to check it out.


Eugenia Kim Hat Keren

My friend Keren and I were very happy when we saw this sign.

Eugenia Kim sign

It’s for the Eugenia Kim sample sale at 347 West 36th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues, #501.  You want hats?

Eugenia Kim Hats1Eugenia Kim Hats2 They have hats.
The one Keren is wearing in the first photo was originally $300+, but she got it for 50% off.  The cute winter hat I bought also originally cost $300+, but I got it for almost 90% off!  Take a look…
Eugenia Kim Hat Sandra

Yes I look a little like Jason Mraz in this photo.  But the hat looks much cooler in person.  There are still plenty of great hats at the sale, which runs until 7pm today.  And everything is priced at an additional 15% off, so you may score even bigger than I did!



125th Street is the place to be when you’re on the lookout for low-cost fashion.  Check out this necklace I bought for a whopping $2.18!  The Starbucks coffee I got this morning cost more than my jewelry.  How many fashionistas can say that?


Harlem Clutch1











My favorite kind of shopping is when I’m actually not looking for anything, and something really fantastic catches my eye.  That’s what happened when I was walking across 125th Street yesterday.  I saw those beautiful clutches in the photo above, and they made me smile.  They’re at Paradise Fashions at 27 West 125th Street, which also has a couple of other boutiques in New York as well as an online store.  Those handbags are $100, but there are some lower cost options like these for $39.













HarlemClutch3And many come with matching shoes.  I really love shopping on 125th Street, but you can also order these online if you can’t make it into the city.  Paradise has many more cute clutches that I didn’t take pictures of.  Just looking at all of them brightened my day.


Fashionmomix LOVES Jenna Lyons’ style.  But most of us don’t have her paycheck for purchasing clothes, and J.Crew isn’t the most inexpensive place to shop.  So Fashionmomix got street smart and found a way to get a little low cost Jenna stylin’.  Look at these two necklaces:

J. Crew Necklace

Necklace Street









The one on the left is J.Crew’s, which originally cost $88.  The other one I bought on the street for $10!  The vendor is at 68th Street and Lexington Avenue, near Hunter College, if you want to check out his jewelry.

Now some would criticize Fashionmomix for buying “rip off” street fashion.  But I would never spend $88 on a necklace anyway.  I’d rather put it in my child’s college fund or my 401K.  So J. Crew isn’t losing a purchase that I would never make anyway.  AND I still encourage you to shop at J.Crew’s factory site, which has lots of cool stuff on sale.