MillyWe’re in the midst of a heat wave here in New York City. But I’m staying cool in this Milly dress. My bank balance isn’t feeling the heat either, because I only paid $15 for it! Where did I find it, you may ask? Of all places, at a church secondhand sale. NEVER turn your nose up at a secondhand sale!  You could be missing out on a great bargain and great fashion. Hey, if Milly is good enough for JLo to wear on her birthday, it’s good enough for me, especially at $15.


ComptoirSweaterIt’s March, the month when spring is supposed to arrive.  Instead, it’s snowing today.  But even though it’s gray and gloomy, there’s cause for cheer.  That’s because in-between seasons are a great time to find bargains.  Right now you can find winter/ fall clothes for super cheap and wear them right away!  Take the Comptoir des Cotonniers sweater I’m wearing.  It was 50% off at Second Time Around.  And their sales are still going on!  Plus the stores probably won’t be crowded because of the snow.  In the meantime, here’s a cute video on how to pronounce that label’s rather daunting name:    


CupcakesNever be afraid to ask for a sale price.  Never.  Be bold, speak up for the bargain rate, and guess what, you’ll usually get it.


Case in point:  Eleni’s.  I love their cupcakes.  They taste great, they’re nut-free, but they’re not cheap.  I saw a surprisingly low price listed online for the Valentine’s Day cupcakes, so I called to order a dozen.  But my receipt showed I was charged $12 more that the price on the website.  I called and was given a $12 refund, even though the customer service rep told me the price online was incorrect (it’s still up on the site by the way).  Score!


Then there’s my favorite clothing brand for boys – Tea.  Their prices are on the higher side though, so I always watch for sales.  But when I recently tried to buy some sweaters from their winter clearance, my online order didn’t go through due to poor wifi.  I didn’t take the loss lying down though.  I called the next day and the salesperson kindly gave me the lower prices, even though the sale was over (and yes they do follow ethical work practices).

So ask, just be nice when you do it.  People are more likely to give you a deal when they’re treated with respect.  Happy Valentine’s Day!



Fashionmomix is coming back from a crisis of conscious!  It’s been so long since my last post and here’s the main reason why.  The video I shared about the Bangladesh factory disaster really made me question what I was doing.  I don’t want to encourage people to buy fast fashion that endangers workers’ lives.  So I did some soul-searching and some research.  And I’ve decided to change the blog a bit.  I am going to do my best to post only about fashion brands that follow ethical factory practices and/or are on the Bangladesh Safety Accord list.  Fortunately companies like H&M and Zara are a part of the accord, so fashion CAN be forward-thinking!  And I am going to focus more on buying secondhand clothing, because that emphasizes reusing items instead of just throwing them away.  So welcome to a hopefully Happy New Year of fashion, thrifting, and parenting fun that is ethical AND better for the planet!  Oh and the site has gotten a bit of a facelift too to look better for mobile.  Feel free to share what you think!


Theory coatThe best time for bargains is almost always an end-of-season sale.  Take January and February, when winter stuff is usually marked waaaaaaaaaaaaay down even though you still have plenty of time in the season to wear it.  I just bought this Theory coat for 20 dollars at Housing Works!  And with the Siberian winter we’re having, I actually haven’t had many opportunities to wear it.  So I’m saving this for March.  Sure the wine color is rather wintery, but it stands out nicely amidst the mostly black and grey apparel I see on the Manhattan streets.              


Ali Ro Instagram

Did that get your attention? Thought it might. I was thinking of what headline to write for this post. Might as well get right to the point. I bought this Ali Ro dress for just $39 at Second Time Around. I don’t remember what percent it was marked down. All I know is I get crazy compliments on this dress whenever I wear it. And STA’s Labor Day madness sale with 70% off their summer clearance is still going on. I’m really going to have to steel myself from going over there and scooping more stuff up. But you head on down!


Rachel Roy

Bought these sparkly Rachel Roy flats to perk up my winter outfits.  They were just $15 on clearance from Housing Works!  Their big sale is going on through this evening, so there’s still time to check it out.