CupcakesNever be afraid to ask for a sale price.  Never.  Be bold, speak up for the bargain rate, and guess what, you’ll usually get it.


Case in point:  Eleni’s.  I love their cupcakes.  They taste great, they’re nut-free, but they’re not cheap.  I saw a surprisingly low price listed online for the Valentine’s Day cupcakes, so I called to order a dozen.  But my receipt showed I was charged $12 more that the price on the website.  I called and was given a $12 refund, even though the customer service rep told me the price online was incorrect (it’s still up on the site by the way).  Score!


Then there’s my favorite clothing brand for boys – Tea.  Their prices are on the higher side though, so I always watch for sales.  But when I recently tried to buy some sweaters from their winter clearance, my online order didn’t go through due to poor wifi.  I didn’t take the loss lying down though.  I called the next day and the salesperson kindly gave me the lower prices, even though the sale was over (and yes they do follow ethical work practices).

So ask, just be nice when you do it.  People are more likely to give you a deal when they’re treated with respect.  Happy Valentine’s Day!



Valentines SweaterI like to say you should wear what you want, no matter your age.  But even I admit Mandee is a better place stylewise for younger women, as opposed to the mom crowd.  However, once in a while it IS possible to get something fun and inexpensive there.  I wanted something cute for Valentine’s Day, but didn’t want to spend a lot.  Saw this $25 sweater in Mandee’s window, and voila it does the trick!  I can’t say the red corduroy leggings I am wearing are super flattering, but hey we’re in the middle of a nor-easter.     I heart the crop-tool today though.