MillyWe’re in the midst of a heat wave here in New York City. But I’m staying cool in this Milly dress. My bank balance isn’t feeling the heat either, because I only paid $15 for it! Where did I find it, you may ask? Of all places, at a church secondhand sale. NEVER turn your nose up at a secondhand sale!  You could be missing out on a great bargain and great fashion. Hey, if Milly is good enough for JLo to wear on her birthday, it’s good enough for me, especially at $15.


ComptoirSweaterIt’s March, the month when spring is supposed to arrive.  Instead, it’s snowing today.  But even though it’s gray and gloomy, there’s cause for cheer.  That’s because in-between seasons are a great time to find bargains.  Right now you can find winter/ fall clothes for super cheap and wear them right away!  Take the Comptoir des Cotonniers sweater I’m wearing.  It was 50% off at Second Time Around.  And their sales are still going on!  Plus the stores probably won’t be crowded because of the snow.  In the meantime, here’s a cute video on how to pronounce that label’s rather daunting name:    


ThriftDo you think ‘fashion’ when you see this sign?  Most people don’t, but I do.  For those who weren’t convinced by my previous post that secondhand can be chic, I present my case:

LondonFogExhibit #1:  I found a London Fog coat for less than $25 – take that Neil Patrick Harris!


AKExhibit #2:  Bandolino and Anne Klein shoes for less than $5 each…



And Exhibit #3:  children’s shirts by major labels like Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger for less than $2 apiece.  These clothes were actually half off the price listed on the tag.  Plus I purchased all these items at Red, White and Blue, a thrift store chain that raises money for Vietnam veterans.  So you can be fashionable; charitable; save money;  and help protect the earth by recycling clothing ALL at the same time!  Now if only Neil Patrick Harris would wear a secondhand suit while hosting the Oscars, that would be really cool!







Taylor InstagramI was on my annual search for spring playground sneakers.  The idea every year is to find something attractive but inexpensive.  That way I’m not upset when the shoes are trashed by the end of summer after weeks of tromping through the mud.  I’ve found my pair for this season, thanks to Taylor Swift!  I was in TJ Maxx, buying minion pyjamas (no not for me), when I came across these Taylor Swift Keds for $29.99.  Maybe Taylor didn’t intend to make mom shoes, but I sure hope these do the trick when I try them out tomorrow.  I think these are last season’s Keds.  But if you don’t want to be passé like moi, I do like this year’s Keds by Kate Spade.  However, they cost three times as much, so check out your Fashionmomix economics budget first.


PhillipLimtopA while back I answered part 1 of my “last season” cliffhanger about 3.1 Phillip Lim‘s collection for Target.  Here’s part 2, and it has a happy ending!  This is the dress I ordered from his collection for $49.99.  It took me so long to take it out for a spin because it’s also been a cliffhanger as to when spring is finally going to get here.  I’ve finally been able to wear this dress, and it’s garnered raves wherever I go.  I went to an event where I knew NO ONE, and EVERYONE came up to me with compliments on my outfit and asked where I got it.  One drawback:  I don’t think the dress fits me so well.  But do you know the old saying, “You wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you”?  This is one case in which I don’t mind that my outfit is wearing me.  Go ahead!